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Geogia Cassimatis
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
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Just like us, she's on and off at the gym, but that doesn't stop Pink from having a great bikini body.

"I've tried to use a personal trainer; I'll do it for a week and then quit. I just feel like a puppet. I know my body better than anybody else does and it's hard for me to exercise on someone else's schedule. Maybe I want to check my e-mail first. Maybe I want some coffee. I like to workout when I'm ready." Pink, May 2008.

While Pink is someone who trains on her own, Hollywood trainer Greg Joujon-Roche, trained her on and off for five years.

"I like to work in areas that affect the person's personal life too; so if they're into dancing and yoga or beach runs we fit that in," Joujon-Roche says. "When Pink and I trained she was into martial arts and Pilates, so we incorporated that into her training schedule."

The rock star workout

To get a bod like Pink's, check out Greg's rock star workout

  • Twenty minutes of cardio as a warm up to get the blood pumping: jump rope, treadmill, jumping jacks.
  • During your warm-up get your mind clear and prepared for the workout ahead.
  • Start working-out the core: side bridges — hold for one minute on each side, followed by one minute in the Superman pose (belly on floor arms and legs lifted). Follow this with 50 stomach crunches. Repeat this four times.
  • Hop onto the treadmill for five minutes.
  • Lower body: do 15 walking snap-kick lunges walking forward and coming back (total 30). This is great for glutes. Do four sets of these. In between each set do 100 jumping jacks.
  • Back onto the treadmill for five minutes.
  • Upper body: aim for 10 military style push-ups or do more if you can. Drop down into a plank and hold it for one minute. Rest and recover. Do four sets.
  • Cool down: walk on the treadmill for five minutes. Stretch out according to what muscles you feel need to be stretched.
  • Reflect: did you workout like you wanted to? Were you graceful, focused, intense or lame, lazy or disconnected?

Greg's DIY fitness and diet tips

KISS. 'Keep it simple stupid' is my motto. One hour of exercise three times a week is easy and consistent.

Side planks. Side plank is the eighth wonder of the world for women. Lie on your side, support yourself from your elbow points to your wrist points, making sure you're perpendicular to the ground. Lift yourself off the ground, but your lift needs to come from your bottom and side, not your shoulders. Lift yourself up, squeeze your butt tight and your side and hold and squeeze, suck your belly in and hold for a minute on each side. Repeat it three times for a total of three minutes each side and it'll change your lower back, bottom, hips and abdomen. The key is control and consistency. Do it daily and from your butt and stomach, not your shoulders or neck.

Get outdoors. Get outdoors for your cardio workouts; take in some fresh air and get out of the gym.

Keep hydrated. Each day, drink a litre of water for every 31 kilograms you weigh; it cleanses you and keeps your body alkalised on a cellular level. Water affects your metabolism, skin, eyesight, and life in general; it's the oil of our bodies. If you try this for two weeks you'll see a huge change.

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