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Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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Summer is just around the corner and getting our bods beach-worthy tends to be a last-minute panic. It's a time when even the most rational-minded among us will be tempted by the latest weight-management fad, of which there are plenty.

Formostar is the latest fitness buzz word, and according to its founders, it's a sure-fire way to tighten and tone, all while lying on your back doing, well, nothing.

Sceptical doesn't even cover it, so Health put it to the test.

The claim
Formostar is a heated body wrap that increases body temperature to target areas of the body that are notorious for poor circulation, such as bum, tum and thighs.

By encouraging increased flow to areas that have poor circulation, fatty build-ups are, supposedly, broken down in a process that is also said to burn up as much energy as a vigorous work out.

It was originally created to provide relief from pain and arthritis with the weight-loss effect an ad hoc discovery. The findings led to clinical testing that confirmed weight reduction was marked and mobility was boosted.

According to the founders of Formostar, users can lose up to four kilos in 10 sessions (each lasts an hour) or, alternatively, as a quick-fix detox prior to a special occasion.

The test-run
In the sleek surrounds of an urban day spa we are guided to our tranquil treatment room and left to change into the long-sleeve top and loose-fitting bottoms. Once comfortably on the bed, the therapist secures thighs, tum, arms and bust in a plastic wrap.

Left to relax with a vat of water to keep us hydrated, along with tranquil music and soothing lighting, it becomes a simple case of plain sailing. How hard can lying on a bed being heated up really be?

For those that enjoy saunas and basking in the sun, this is very relaxing. That said the half-way point, the sweat pouring into our eyes is getting out of control — to the point where the therapist has to mop the old brow like a modern-day Florence Nightingale.

But no need to panic. If you get too "hot spots" which are common and indicative of an area of poor circulation, the therapist quickly adds a soft towel under the wrap. In what seems like a flash, our time is up.

With your body in "fat burning" mode, the advice is to do a stint at the gym to boost the result. Erm, not a chance. Suitably puce, the only exercise that appeals after the treatment is a skinny dip among Antartica's icebergs.

The results
Luckily, my body's temperature quickly resets itself back to "normal" and the feeling of renewed energy takes over. By opting for the one-off "detox" session, the weight-loss effects were, of course, negligible — but a few hours and several "You look radiant" comments later, it must have done something right.

6/10 for results. Leaves you revitalised, and is ideal for those unable to exercise due to physical limitations. 4/10 for enjoyment. Ideal for those who love unwinding in warmth.

Sessions start from $80. If you want to find out more about this treatment, visit

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