Woman sucks fat from stomach using controversial new weight-loss pump

Philippa Lees
Thursday, January 17, 2013
It is the latest in extreme dieting — a personal stomach device that can cut calories by pumping food out through a surgically implanted tube before it is digested.

Reports of the controversial device emerged last week, but video has emerged of a woman using it.

The weight-loss device allows users to eat a full meal before draining their stomach by connecting the pump to a valve installed in their abdominal wall.

The makers, Aspire Bariatrics, whose founder was also behind the Segway, hope to use it to treat the morbidly obese, and to provide an alternative to a gastric bypass.

The video shows the process, delicately called "aspiration", being performed by a woman in a restroom.

She attaches the pump and tube to the "poker chip-sized" connector on the stomach and drains the food into the toilet.

"The aspiration process is performed about 20 minutes after the entire meal is consumed and takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete," a spokesperson for Aspire Bariatrics said.

"Because aspiration only removes a third of the food, the body still receives the calories it needs to function. Over time, as patients learn to eat more healthfully, they can reduce the frequency of aspirations."

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The device is currently available in parts of Europe and some issues with "clogging" have been reported.

Clinical professor of nutrition at New York's Albert Einstein college told ABC News in the US the device was not offering weight loss, but an alternative to bulimia.

"People often wish they could just eat and make the calories go away," he said. "It was only a matter of time before someone came up with this."

"This is an enabling device, not a helping device.,"

"It doesn't do anything to make someone change their relationship with food. Once you put this in someone, they're never going to want it taken out."

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