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Getting your hips and tummy back after childrenI have been getting back into shape after 14 years and three children. Why is it so hard to shake the tummy and hip areas? Is there a specific type of exercise to target just that area?
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Shifting belly fatWhat is the best way to get rid of the abdominal fat that is below the belly button? When is the best time to drink protein drink?My main question is in regards to when to drink the protein shakes. Should I exercise first thing,... Hot or cold shower after exercise?I was wondering, should I take a cold or warm shower or bath after a work-out? I'm confused because... Getting rid of tuck shop armsI am 36 years old and I have lost 60 kilos in a period of two years. I am still aiming to lose... ThinkstockPost baby bellyI'm a working mum of four kids and my youngest is two and oldest eight. Ever since I was young I... Getting a flat toned stomachI am facing a dilemma, I am 83 kilograms now, I started out at 88 kilograms. Firstly, I seem to... Pre- and post-workout snacks/mealsI'm a 27 yr old female and have just started working out 3 x a week (cardio and toning sessions). I... Is paddleboarding a fad or not?I have seen a lot of people taking up paddleboarding because it's supposed to be the best form of... Weight-loss controlI have heard rumours that it is best to eat back the kilojoules you burn during exercise to prevent... Exercises to improve swimming techniqueI swim three times a week with a squad but I would like to know what other exercise I could do to... Osteoporosis and exerciseI am 29 years old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis when I was still in school. I also currently... How to use a rowing machine?How good are rowing machines for exercise and weight loss? Could you suggest an exercise routine I... Butt-firming exercisesI have some tenderness in my knees that is aggravated by doing squats and lunges. Can you suggest... Shoes for runningI am about to buy a new pair of running shoes as I am training for the City2Surf. Can you recommend... ThinkstockBuilding up a treadmill work-outI have been doing the routine of jogging for one minute and walking for four minutes for three... Slow progress in losing weightI have been going to the gym now for eight months now. I weighed 71kg and started going to the gym... Exercise bikes and weight lossI am 36 years of age and need to lose weight due to my sleep apnoea. I have been on a... How effective are gym classes for weight loss?I'm trying to lose weight and have been doing Les Mills classes at my gym (mostly because I need to... What can I do to help me feel slimmer and stay on track?I am doing all the correct training and eating healthy, but besides this, what else can I do to... Building muscle with weightliftingI don't know if you saw the section on What's Good For You about building pecs? Basically it...
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