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Butt-firming exercises

Monday, June 7, 2010
"Knee pain is very common with these exercises, so listen to your body and avoid any exercises which cause you pain."


I have some tenderness in my knees that is aggravated by doing squats and lunges. Can you suggest any other butt-firming exercises that I can do until my knees stop hurting?


Squats and lunges are a great exercise for the butt and legs but they also do place a lot of strain on the knee and lower back joints.

Knee pain is very common with these exercises, so listen to your body and avoid any exercises which cause you pain. Also speak with a personal trainer to check you are doing the exercises with the correct technique as bad technique can cause pain and injury.

Some other great exercises to do that will work the same muscle groups without placing additional strain on your knee joints are:

Step-ups. Grab a set of 3kg to 5kg dumbbells and choose a bench or seat that is at approximately knee height. From here step up onto the bench with the left leg leading and step back down with the left leg leading. Do 10 to 15 reps on the left leg and then change to the right leg.

Stair running or walking. This is a low-impact exercise for the knees and legs but still gives you a great work-out for the butt and thighs. Choose a set of stairs that takes approximately 20 to 30 seconds to complete in length and repeat this five to eight times. You can run every single flight of stairs or walk every second flight.

Cycling. The bike supports your bodyweight so it's another low-impact exercise that is a great all over body work-out. But it especially works the butt and legs as they power the pedals.

In the pool: kickboard with fins or flippers. This is another low-impact exercise you will really feel the legs getting a great work-out. Do 20 50-minute sprints with a kickboard and fins on the one-minute cycle.

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