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ThinkstockWatching TV at night makes us depressed: studyChannel surfing after a big day at the office encourages feelings of guilt and anxiety, according... ThinkstockNot all smiles: new ways of detecting autism risk in babiesThe earlier autism can be diagnosed and treatment can begin, the better children fare, and... ThinkstockWomen more likely to die from heart attacks than men: studyWomen are more likely to stay in hospital longer and die of heart attacks than men. Getty ImagesHalf world's population has newly discovered gut virusA virus undetected by scientists for decades likely infects half the world's population,... ThinkstockChildbirth pain relief reduces chance of postnatal depressionWomen who get an epidural during childbirth could be less likely to suffer postnatal depression,... Getty ImagesLack of sleep creates false memoriesNext time you're arguing black and blue with someone who is assuring you you're wrong, consider how... ThinkstockFatty food threatens sense of smellIt's no secret that obesity increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, but... ThinkstockKids overdosing on painkiller patchesHealth authorities have again warned adults using painkiller patches to keep them out of children's... ThinkstockCommon gene mutations 'cause autism'The genetic risk for autism comes from genes that are common in the population, rather than... ThinkstockGenetic cause of common breast lumps discoveredSingaporean researchers have found that fibroadenomas, one of the most common breast tumours... ThinkstockEnergy drinks increase binge drinking risk: Australian studyDrinking high-caffeine energy drinks could increase the likelihood of binge drinking, according to... ThinkstockDifferent eye movements show love or lustWondering whether a date is interested in a relationship or a one-night stand? Their eye movements... Getty ImagesCigarette smokers 'more likely to commit suicide'Cigarettes might increase the risk of suicide in smokers, a study has found. ThinkstockAsthma inhalers may suppress children's growth: studyChildren who are prescribed daily asthma inhalers have their growth stunted by half a centimetre in... ThinkstockLosing a baby could increase your risk of heart disease: studyWomen with a history of stillbirth have a higher risk of heart disease in older age than others,... Getty ImagesProstate cancer in young men 'more frequent and more aggressive'The number of men diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of prostate cancer prior to their... ThinkstockWe choose friends with similar genesFeel like you and your friends have so much in common? It could be because you share a lot of the... ThinkstockBabies' brains rehearse months before first words spokenBabies practice speaking in their minds long before they talk, according to US researchers who... ThinkstockNew blood test could detect 12 different cancersUS scientists have developed a blood test that can detect 12 types of cancer and are hopeful the... Getty ImagesBeing social online decreases men's suicide risk: studyMen who have social connections - including online- are half as likely to commit suicide as men who...
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