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ThinkstockHead measurement for babies could predict autismMeasuring babies' heads and their head-tilting reflex appears to be an accurate predictor of autism... ThinkstockHappiest couples spoon at night: studyThe distance between you and your partner when you're sleeping could provide insights into the... ThinkstockOur brains peak at 24: studyIf you're older than 24, we have some bad news for you – you're over the hill in terms of brain... ThinkstockAutism diagnosis rates increase by 30 percent in two years: studyOne in 68 children are now diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to new data... ThinkstockBe kind to yourself to live longer: studyDo you beat yourself up for your mistakes or accept they've happened and move on? ThinkstockTobacco plant could kill cancer cellsTobacco headlines are usually about it causing cancer but Australian scientists have discovered a... ThinkstockParty drug ketamine 'exciting' treatment for depression: studyThe illegal drug ketamine could be the latest frontier in the treatment of depression, according to... ThinkstockMen who live alone have higher skin cancer death riskMen who don't live with a partner are 31 percent more likely to die from skin cancer than those in... ThinkstockHumans can perceive 20 different facial expressions: StudyWhen scientists study facial expressions, they usually focus on six key emotions – surprise, anger,... ThinkstockIs your job making you fat?You would expect people who work in healthcare to look after themselves, but a new study suggests... ThinkstockADHD not a "real disease": NeuroscientistChildren are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when they... ThinkstockScientists believe autism begins in the wombFor the first time, scientists have found evidence of autism developing long before birth in a... ThinkstockWhy it's dangerous to pee in the poolAnyone who's ever been for a swim in a public pool will have heard jokes about avoiding the kiddie... ThinkstockHow old is your heart? Researchers create online test to determine heart attack and stroke riskYou know your chronological age, but your heart might tell a different story. Courtesy Fox NewsSchool bans nine-year-old who shaved her head to support friend with cancerWhen Kamryn Renfro's friend Delaney Clements lost her hair from chemotherapy, Kamryn decided to... Mother's clever invention enables disabled children to walkWhen Debby Elnatan was told her son, who has cerebral palsy, would never walk she took matters into... Brain protein involved in Alzheimer's discoveredPeople with Alzheimer's disease appear to be missing a vital protein in key brain regions,... ThinkstockLosing sleep kills brain cellsNot getting enough sleep could cause up to 25 percent of certain brain cells to die, according to... ThinkstockSydney doctor using poo transplants to cure 'incurable' diseasesPeople with diseases like Crohn's and colitis are being treated with transplants of healthy... ThinkstockExercise can prevent fluSpend at least two-and-a-half hours exercising at a high intensity each week and you'll have less...
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