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Getty ImagesLlama antibodies could fight HIVLlamas, those quirky South American animals that seem to be a cross between a giraffe and a horse,... Getty ImagesWhat's on the inside that counts: anti-ageing drugs could also make skin smootherScientists have long been searching for solutions to slow ageing and help us live longer, healthier... Getty ImagesCan you breathe yourself skinny? How you lose fat through exhalingEver wondered where fat actually goes when you lose weight? Into thin air, apparently. Courtesy the British Medical JournalThe best of the British Medical Journal's 2014 silly science round-upEvery year, the academic pranksters over at the Getty ImagesWarning home cooks: the longer you spend cooking, the greater your heart disease riskWe're often told that home cooking is key if we want to keep in shape and protect our hearts. After... AP Photo/Patrick SemanskyPatients employ mouse 'avatars' to test cancer treatmentsCancer patients are paying private labs to breed bespoke mice that allow them to test certain drugs... SuppliedSelfies may save lives: Australian students develop a new way to detect anaemiaAn award-winning invention from students at Melbourne's Monash University may help to detect... Getty ImagesWhat is inflammation and why is it causing autism, dementia and depression?If you're a regular reader of health news, you've probably heard about inflammation and how chronic... Getty ImagesPsychologists reveal the perfect times to be a jerk at work (and when to play nice)Going against the grain in certain situations can be just what you need to sell your genius idea,... Getty ImagesAn aspirin a day could be doing women more harm than goodA major study has found that taking aspirin daily could be doing more harm than good to women aged... Getty ImagesEighty-four percent of vegetarians go back to eating meatGone vegetarian? Be careful about swearing off meat for life — a large study has found 84... Getty ImagesWatch the clock: Limit eating to 10 or 12 hours a day to lose weight, scientists sayWhen it comes to losing weight, we've long been told it's what we eat — not when we eat it... Paramount PicturesForget Mean Girls: Boys can be more catty than girlsGirls might be more likely to be tarred with the "catty" brush, but it seems teenage boys are... Getty ImagesBreast cancer breakthrough: incredible vaccine could stop spreadCancer experts are expressing cautious excitement at news a vaccine could effectively stop cancer... Getty ImagesIf you're happy and you know it … you probably lack empathyWhen you see a cheerful, outgoing person working a room, you'd probably assume they're pretty good... Getty ImagesTaste deception: Your cup could be colouring your coffee flavourYou might go out of your way to have your favourite barista brew a perfect coffee, but it might... Getty ImagesCan you catch depression? Scientists believe condition could be caused by an infectious diseaseDepression has long been categorised as a mood disorder, but a leading US neuroscientist says it's... Getty ImagesDip in drinking rates: Stats say Aussies are laying off the boozeWe're used to reading headlines warning of our country's out-of-control drinking culture, but for... Getty Images'Til heart disease do us part? Study shows bad marriages break heartsYou don't have to go through a break-up to hurt your heart — new research shows that sticking... Getty ImagesThe single gene – could your genetics be stopping you finding love?"You need to get out more", "Are you on
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