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GettySpidey pills? Spider venom could be next break-through in pain relief, say Aussie researchersWe'd usually associate a spider bite with causing pain not healing it, but University of Queensland... GettyWhy are we so fascinated by penis size, and is it the same for women?Unless you've been meditating with Himalayan monks for the past 24 hours, there's a fair chance... GettySleep-tracking apps can hurt your slumber, experts cautionTrouble sleeping? There's an app for that. But sleep experts warn that smartphone apps tailored to... Getty imagesForget calories – are chemicals in our environment making us fat?Even if you're doing everything you can to eat well and exercise regularly, a new study suggests... Getty imagesAdditives that enhance texture in processed food could be blamed for making us fatFor years we've been told to eat less and move more if we want to maintain a healthy weight, but... Getty imagesWomen not reporting heart attacks out of fear of being labelled 'hysterical'Despite the fact that heart disease is the biggest killer of Australian women, a new study suggests... Getty ImagesFacebook debuts new suicide prevention feature for vulnerable usersFacebook will roll out a suicide prevention features that provide the social network's 1.39 billion... Image: ColumbiaSorry, Beyonce, looks like you can’t be ‘drunk in love’: Aussie researchers discover the sobering effect of the 'love hormone'According to Beyonce, you can be crazy, dangerously or drunk in love, but Aussie scientists say the... Getty ImagesIs sweating it out in a sauna the key to longer life?Sweating it out in a sauna appears to be good for the heart: a Finnish study of more than 2000 men... Getty ImagesWoman wants to be a surrogate for her dead daughter's child, but local experts say it's impossibleA 59-year-old British woman is seeking permission to gain access to her dead daughter's frozen eggs... Getty ImagesVaccination win with imminent HIV vaccine, plus cervical cancer protection even stronger thanks to local researchScientists are moving forward in leaps and bounds when it comes to disease protection using... Getty ImagesExperts say obesity is a disease that diet and exercise alone can't cureFor years, people have believed that all it takes to lose weight is eating less and moving more,... Getty ImagesMenopause can last up to 14 years, according to a new studyWomen who have been plagued by hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings for years can be reassured... Getty ImagesAussies losing to the British in the dental hygiene gameErroneously known for their dreadful smiles, the British have surpassed Australia when it comes to... Getty ImagesFreak Pilates injury causes brain fluid leakPilates is often hailed as one of the best exercises you can do, so the last thing you'd expect is... Getty ImagesTeetotallers on the rise: Why are young people drinking less than ever?Alcohol experts are rejoicing but perplexed by new figures that show young people seem to be... Getty ImagesPuerto Rico considers issuing fines to parents of obese childrenParents could be fined up to $1000 if their offspring are classified as such and fail to lose the... Getty ImagesExperts say dietary cholesterol no cause for heart concernKeeping our blood cholesterol levels in check has long been promoted as the aim of the game when it... Getty ImagesCan you cure love? Scientists looking for ways to switch it offMost of us have experienced heartbreak and wished for a cure for the pain, even if it meant never... Getty ImagesFaecal transplant from fat daughter made slim mother obeseBe careful where your poo comes from — that's a lesson to patients receiving "poo...
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