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Getty ImagesAutism breakthroughs: brain waves and iron supplementsSticking electrodes on children's heads to measure how fast their brain responds to sights and... Getty ImagesAnti-ageing genes could actually be behind melanomaThe genes that are involved in preserving youth and warding off ageing surprisingly could also be... Getty ImagesBotox use 'halts young people's emotional development'Botox doesn't just have the ability to stop your face from moving — it may halt your social... Getty ImagesRevolutionary stem-cell paste could help repair bonesScientists hope to trigger new bone growth in patients suffering from osteoporosis using liquid... Getty ImagesGet fit for summer like World Championship surfer Sally FitzgibbonsAussie surf legend, Sally Fitzgibbons, has been riding the Californian Coast this week for the... Getty ImagesBaby height and weight 'signals likelihood of mental health disorders'How tall or heavy a baby is could one day be used to diagnose their likelihood of developing mental... Getty ImagesJoin a club with smart kids if you want to go to university: studyTeenagers who take part in extracurricular activities with students that get good grades have... Getty ImagesLooking at sexy pics of women makes men more selfish: studySingapore and Hong Kong researchers found that men who are shown pictures of sexy women feel less... Getty ImagesThe winner's checklist: Last-minute prep for the Sydney Running FestivalYou've been training for months, and have ramped up the kilometres you cover with each and every... Getty ImagesYour morning commute makes you happier than you think: studyCommuting to work by train, bus, bike or old-fashioned walking makes us happier than making the... ThinkstockOne in five US men have committed domestic violence: studyAlarming new statistics have emerged from the US showing that one in five men admit to having been... ThinkstockScent of attraction: We're attracted to the smell of people with the same political beliefsIt's not surprising that left-wingers are often attracted to lefties and right-wingers go for other... ThinkstockHappy wife, happy life: A wife’s satisfaction is key to keeping a marriage on trackWomen set the bar when it comes to marriage happiness, with a US study finding that a happy wife is... ThinkstockGetting your om on for tranquility: how meditation can minimise migrainesDoing 45 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day could be the key to reducing the number and... ThinkstockYour brain keeps learning while you're asleep: studyAnyone who has ever wished they had more time in the day to get things done will welcome new French... Getty ImagesPipe down: Telling someone they're fat leads to weight gain, not lossYou might have good intentions telling a loved one that they're overweight but such comments can... ThinkstockWomen handle back pain better than men: studyWomen have been gloating for centuries about their ability to handle pain better than men –... ThinkstockWorking is better than taking a sickie for depression: studyWhile you're asking your friends and family R U OK? today to check in about their mental health, it... Getty ImagesWhy freaking out over footy scores could be hurting your heartJody Gilchrist, a University of Alabama nurse, has warned football fans of all codes that nervous... Getty ImagesNo link between breast cancer risk and wearing a bra, study findsA new study has quashed any link between wearing a bra and your risk of developing breast cancer.
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