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Impotence: the factsOne in five Australian men over the age of 40 suffer from impotence but worryingly, many men are putting off that all-important doctor's visit.
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ThinkstockNew prostate cancer vaccine hopeUK scientists believe they have found a way to kick start the body's immune system to stop the... ThinkstockFolate improves sperm quality: studyWomen are not the only ones who should consume plenty of folate in the lead-up to pregnancy –... ThinkstockCircumcision does not affect sexual pleasure: Australian studyCircumcised men have just as much sexual satisfaction and sensitivity as men with foreskins,... ThinkstockDoes smoking marijuana cause 'man boobs'?Cannabis smoking has been linked with the development of male breast tissue, commonly known as "man... ThinkstockDIY male infertility test hits shelvesAn at-home fertility test that allows men to measure their own sperm counts went on sale in UK... ThinkstockCure for balding on the cardsScientists believe they may be on the verge of a technique that will help balding people grow new... ThinkstockBacon reduces men's sperm count: studyMen who eat a rasher of bacon each day could be harming their fertility, according to Harvard... ThinkstockMen with large penises just as likely to feel self-conscious: studyMen don't have to be well-endowed to escape self-consciousness about their penis size, according to... Bodybuilding: Similar to body-buyingMale butt augmentation on rise in US but Aussies sticking to nose jobs: SurgeonsNo ifs, more butt – that's the message that's coming from US plastic surgeons. But over here, it's... Pictured: Another, less weird family (Thinkstock)Mother offers cash for girl to take son's virginityThe mother of a Harvard-bound 18-year-old boy in the US has posted an ad on the internet seeking a... ThinkstockFries linked with prostate cancerEating chips, chicken or doughnuts more than once a week appears to increase a man's chance of... Men who earn less than their wives are more likely to need ViagraMen are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction if their wives earned more money than them,... Are you an annoying man?If it's a case that you're single, rarely can sustain a relationship for more than three weeks and... How to handle rejection and bounce back strongerDates, mates, jobs: we all suffer rejection every now and then, but scientists say we can bounce... The seven deadly sins of sexLearn how to avoid commiting the seven deadly sex sins with behaviour and relationship expert Dr... Ways women try to change menJust hooked up with your dream woman? Congratulations, you can look forward to amazing sex, loving... Men's bedroom worries revealed and resolvedIf you have doubts over your performance in bed, you're not alone. Here's what men worry about and... Are you losing your libido?Dr Ronald Bracey explains the reasons men experience loss of libido and the steps they can take to... Simple romantic tips for Valentine's DayWhether in a long-term relationship or newly loved-up, it's never too late to try some new romantic... Seven signs she's after a marriage proposalValentine's Day may seem like a load of pseudo-romantic nonsense to you but as it looms maybe you...
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