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Four ways to fight your sweet toothAre sweet cravings stomping all over your weight-loss efforts? Here's something to add to your arsenal to help you fight off the chocky monster.
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GettyWhy your sleep is broken - and how to fix itMost of us don't get enough sleep – that much we know. But how do you keep up with 21st-century... ThinkstockYoga helps prevent bladder leakage: studyYoga benefits more than just mental health and muscle tone – a new study suggests it's a powerful... ThinkstockBe kind to yourself to live longer: studyDo you beat yourself up for your mistakes or accept they've happened and move on? 10 things you didn't know about rosehipIt’s not just a pretty face. Rosehip is a tiny red fruit that grows on rose plants. We already know... Whole grains: why they're good for youWhole grains are necessary for proper digestion, calming the nervous system, encouraging sleep and... ThinkstockWhat you can do about a weak bladderMany women over the age of 30 have had a moment or two when their bladder has had a mind of its own. Common herb treatment for acne may be more effective than prescription gelsAcne sufferers rejoice! Relief may now be found in the form of a common herb, which is even more... How to beat back-to-work stressThe New Year is underway — don't fall into old habits and let stress get on top of you at... ThinkstockAll you need to know about reflexologyReflexology is a very simple and safe form of holistic healing. It is based on the premise that... Pilates exercises to tone tums and bumsExercise physiologist Michelle Drielsma looks at the best Pilates exercises for toning your tummy,... Stretches to super-boost your dayStretching to help you wake up each day has benefits for your body, mind and spirit. Personal... Why you are what you eatIt is often said ''we are what we eat'' and while it is very important to eat a healthy diet, it... Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?The consequences of overeatingWhen it comes to eating, are you a 'supersize me' type of person? Do you generally heap food onto... Man fixes gut problem by swallowing wormsA 36-year-old California man faced with the removal of his colon to treat his ulcerative colitis... Secrets of beautiful skinSure, silky skin is in part determined by genetics, but there are a lot of preventive strikes you... Tomato juice helps beat bone diseaseA new study says two glasses of tomato juice a day strengthens bones and can ward off osteoporosis. Reasons your tummy's bloatedThere is nothing more disheartening than starting the week feeling limber and lithe, and ending it... Dealing with diarrhoeaFrequent, urgent passage of watery stools, abdominal pain or cramps and gasiness are all symptoms... Have you forgotten how to be hungry?Too many of us abandon our healthy eating plans, or don't even start them, because we're convinced... Natural arthritis therapies on the riseNatural therapies for the treatment of arthritis have been highlighted in the lead up to Arthritis...
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