Supplements for menopause

Friday, January 16, 2009

Q: I am going through menopause and getting hot flushes. I also feel stressed. What can I take?

Menopause is a time of change and a natural part of the ageing process. Hot flushes are often caused by declining oestrogen levels and can trigger much discomfort.

Phytoestrogens are plant compounds that are similar in structure to human oestrogens. Eating a diet rich in these may help to reduce the severity and frequency of menopausal symptoms.

Soy and linseeds are probably the easiest food sources of phytoestrogens to incorporate into your diet, and you can add tofu and miso to your stir fries. Blackmores Phytolife One a Day tablets are a rich source of phytoestrogens Another herb that can help to abate hot flushes and night sweats is Sage, which is commonly taken as a herbal tea. Use one teaspoon of the dried herb per small teapot and add boiling water. Let stand for about 5 -10 mins, strain and drink. Add honey or lemon to taste.

Menopausal symptoms are often exacerbated by stress. Blackmores’ Women’s D-Stress tablets contain nutrients and herbs that are in demand in times of stress.

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