Ka Huna massage therapy

Saturday, February 26, 2005
Paulini receiving sacred stone massage

What is Ka Huna Massage?
Ka Huna is a massage therapy that originates in Hawaii. It is a thorough body work done on a table using oil. The practitioner will work in flowing rhythmic movements over the whole body using their arms, elbows and hands. A treatment works not only on the physical body but also on the emotional and spiritual bodies. Many clients refer to the fact that it is more a deep experience than just a massage. The central aim is to rebalance the mind, body and spirit.

How does Ka Huna help someone?
Clients come for a wide variety of needs. Obviously some come to have a relaxing experience — their time out from the stresses of their world. Many come with minor ailments — stress leading to sore bodies, backs, necks, shoulders etc. Many clients are athletes and need their muscles stretched and rebalanced. We have seen clients with specific emotional needs, grief and loss, broken hearts, loneliness and depression. And a Ka Huna treatment is excellent for jet lag — it grounds you and brings you back into your body.

What's involved in Ka Huna? What happens during a session?
Firstly the practitioner will talk with the client and ascertain their specific needs. After this the client will be left to undress and to position themselves on the table.

The treatment begins with the practitioner tuning into the client's energy and body... Then long flowing strokes are applied with dance-like rhythm and movement. Music and the breath are important elements of the treatment as both help the client to relax and let go. When the client has been warmed and relaxed the practitioner will employ deeper work using arms and elbows. The stretching of limbs, vibrational sounds and visualisation are all used effectively during a session. The whole body back and front is thoroughly worked during a hour to two-hour session.

At the end of a treatment the practitioner will balance the body — leaving the client to connect deep within themselves.

Can anyone do Ka Huna?
Yes anyone can receive a Ka Huna Massage treatment — at the Ka Huna centre, for example, we have special pregnancy tables ando we massage a lot of pregnant women. Ka Huna is an excellent therapy for men and women — and even for children.

How much does Ka Huna cost?
One hour costs $85, one and a half hours is $115, two hours is $150 and two practitioners for one hour is $150.

Where can I receive Ka Huna massage?
The Sydney Ka Huna Centre, 76 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021

And where can I get more information?
Phone: 02 9358 3777
Website: www.kahunacentre.com.au

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