Energy healing

Sunday, October 23, 2005
Everyone has an energetic field in which emotional, mental and physical patterns are stored. Most of us have occasions when we sense this field, such as when someone has entered the room, or we are being watched. This occurs when our energetic field has been disturbed — even at a distance.

Normally however we subconsciously disengage from this awareness Others have the ability to see, feel or perceive the fields surrounding others. Paul is an exceptional example of this with an ability to sense the energy field of others, and most importantly find which parts of it are out of balance.

The emotional, mental and physical framework can be disrupted easily through repetitive stress, emotional trauma or physical injury. Through a variety of techniques therapists can identify the areas where the results of these injuries are held, and repair the damage. This can even have profound results in areas that are generally considered beyond physical healing techniques. Once the energetic framework is intact, the body can continue its own healing, as well as being more effectively helped by other therapies.

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