Banish cellulite for goodYes, dimples can be cute, but not when they appear on your legs and thighs, right?
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Twitter: @barrefaeliGold facial or Botox? The truth about the latest spa treatment favoured by Hollywood A-listersFor years, I've been on an endless rotation of the latest age-defying facials, from the... Getty ImagesSunlight could be as addictive as heroin, study findsSunshine can mimic the influence of addictive drugs, causing a similar effect on the body as... ThinkstockWhen tanning becomes addictiveDesiring a golden glow is hardly unusual, but doctors say they are increasingly seeing people who... Image: escentual.comWhat a 'perfect' woman looks likeA beauty retailer has surveyed men and women about female celebrities' best facial features and... ThinkstockDouble chin cure developedDermatologists have developed a chemical that can be injected into the chin to destroy fat deposits... ThinkstockMore women seeking hair transplant surgery than beforeWhether it's from stress, over-bleaching, genetics or a hormone imbalance, 55 percent of Australian... Not pictured: the cause of wrinkles. (Pic: Thinkstock)Bottled water wrinkle claims rejectedSome American dermatologists are claiming that drinking bottled water can give you wrinkles, but... Astronaut reveals how to wash hair in spaceAstronaut Karen Nyberg has responded to online questions about life as a lady in space and made a... Image: Roaccutane packaging; racing trainer Jenny PittmanControversial acne drug linked with suicidesThe acne drug Roaccutane has hit headlines in the UK, being linked with the suicide of prominent... Image: ThinkstockBeauty products that could give you cancerA French consumer research group, similar to Choice in Australia, has found elevated levels of... Image: ThinkstockAre you one of the people who don't need deodorant?For most of us, spraying or rolling deodorant on our armpits after a shower is a permanent fixture... Use your nose, perfumer urgesUse your nose, perfumer urgesOne perfume expert is alarmed our reliance on smell has disappeared ThinkstockSeven ways to beat wrinklesTo help keep your skin youthful and supple, check out these 7 ways to beat wrinkles and premature... How old are you really?Road test: 'Body age' testingHealth & Wellbeing's producer tested VLA Body Composition and Cellular Health Analysis. Banish cellulite for good90 percent of women suffer from cellulite and say they know what it's like to reach for pants... Model image from Getty and product courtesy of RodialBoob job in a bottleForget spending thousands of dollars on getting breast enhancements, UK beauty brand, Rodial, has... Finally: Real women on the catwalkThe average Australian woman is a size 14, but "real women" have been largely absent from the... Botox, popular with Hollywood celebrities may affect our ability to feel emotionBotox can affect ability to feel emotionBotox, the muscle-paralysing jab not only stops the face displaying emotion, according to new... Get glowing skin this winterYour skin works as a barrier against the elements, and not surprisingly can suffer when it is... Un-airbrushed images in <i>Australian Woman's Weekly</i> and <i>Marie Claire</i>The backlash against airbrushingIn January this year, Marie Claire used a naked, un-airbrushed image of model Jennifer...
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