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Your sexiest legs ever

Simone Noakes
Monday, March 5, 2012
Whipped straight out of the celebrity beauty handbook, Simone Noakes finds the top fail-safe tricks to have you stepping out with perfect pins.

Don't go to any lengths
Yes those belt-like miniskirts can look amazing but for those of us not tottering about on skyscraper legs, the most flattering hemline is 4cm above the top of the kneecap. Likewise the 1940s-flavour length that's in right now, coming down to the widest part of the shin, can be cruelly unflattering.

Grab some safety pins or fabric tape and play around with your skirt lengths in front of a mirror — a few centimetres up or down can make a surprising difference. That $12 alteration fee will be worth every cent.

Water, water everywhere
You want to drink it, not wear it. Water retention is one of your legs' fiercest enemies and its killer weapon is salt. Most stars skip it completely in the run-up to a bikini scene. Salt holds on to fluid, making us look swollen and puffy. How to beat the bulge? Stop sprinkling salt over your meals and skip the salty processed snacks. Drink plenty of water to flush away the toxins and keep skin looking glowingly hydrated — most experts recommend eight to 10 glasses.

You could also try top bod Miranda Kerr's tried-and-true trick of sipping dandelion and nettle tea. Other diuretic, good-to-try goodies include cucumber, celery, parsley and green apples.

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Add a little extra length
Heels literally add centimetres to your leg length and are probably the number-one celeb gorgeous-gams trick. But the magic really happens when there's a perfect colour match between shoes and legs; black tights with black heels and so on. If you're keeping your legs bare, look for a pair of heels that match your skin as closely as possible.

What you're after is a sleek, super-streamlined silhouette so ditch anything too strappy or eye catching. "The first thing men look at are a woman's legs, and there is nothing more flattering than high heels," says cobbler to the stars, Manolo Blahnik.

Fake it, don't bake it
Don't even think about getting a sun tan. If there was any doubt lying out in the burning rays like rotisserie chicken was a bad idea, researchers have also found sun damage can actually make cellulite more prominent. Argh! Happily, fake tans are getting better and better.

Health & Wellbeing likes the ones offering a gradual, streak-free colour that builds up over time like Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion or L'Oréal's NutirBronze Body Lotion 24H.

Exfoliate in the shower, towel dry and then smooth it on like a moisturiser. Hey presto: a drama-free golden glow. For a night out, run a little facial illuminator down your pins to highlight and lengthen, Hollywood-style.

Step it up
Jennifer Aniston's killer thigh definition didn't come from watching telly on the sofa but that doesn't mean you need to spend your entire life down at the gym to get a similar effect. "Yoga and Pilates are amazing for your legs," says Jen's trainer Mandy Ingber, who is also the brains behind the Yogalosophy DVD. "Just two sessions a week makes a difference."

For a fast fat-burn there's nothing better than a hit of gasp-inducing cardio. Researchers at McMaster University found cyclists doing 15 minutes of speed pedalling three times a week were as fit as those who biked for an hour at a moderate speed five days a week.

And then there's our favourite exercise: the stuff you don't notice. Ditch the lift, walk the escalator, use your lunchbreaks to explore the area — within a month your thighs will be red-carpet ready.

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Your sexiest legs ever

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