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Teeth whiteningI have extremely sensitive teeth and was wondering if this would be a problem as I want to have my teeth whitened.
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Gap teethMy teeth have big horrible gaps between them. My parents thought they would fill in over time but... The answer to pearly white teethI religiously brush my teeth twice a day and use mouthwash often but my teeth never seem to be... Bad breathMy daughter has very bad breath since she was at a young age. Her dentists thought that it was due... Stained veneersI have had veneers for about 10 years that seem to be losing their white colour. Do you know why... False teethI had two upper back teeth removed from the right side more than 25 years ago and recently had to... Laser treatment for gum diseaseI believe that I have the start of gum disease and am really worried as I haven't gone to a dentist... Baby teeth at 24I am 24 and I still have a baby tooth — it's one of my eye teeth and it really affects my... Pain after root canalI am getting pain when chewing on a tooth that has had root canal treatment and a temporary... Overlapping front teethI am 27 and had a lot of orthodontic work when I was a teenager. I had three sets of teeth and a... Tooth traumaI suffered a blow to my front top teeth last week. I went to the dentist the following morning and... Are teeth whiteners effective?I would like to use a teeth whitening product bought from a local supermarket or pharmacy. I would... Fixing a major underbiteI have been booked in for surgery next month but I cannot undergo it due to falling pregnant. I... Baby teeth left in adulthoodI have two baby teeth still in my top row, but being in my twenties I'm not sure what my best... BondingI wondered what can be done these days instead of "bonding", if anything, if I ever need to get it... Ongoing tooth painI had a bike accident 12 years ago, which caused injury to my front teeth. Later I started feeling... Teeth whitening nightmareA dentist quoted me for bleaching then talked me into having porcelain caps instead. Half of them... Do lingual braces cause a lisp?I'm considering getting lingual braces in May but I'm getting married in September and I'm a little... How often and when should we really be brushing?I brush my teeth after I've eaten anything. My friends brush before they eat. One of my friends... Dental holidaysI'm a 41-year-old male and I need to have a dental implant (T2) and apparently a bone augmentation... Extraction or root canal treatment?My dentist said that a crack in my tooth does not favour root canal treatment. He favours an...
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