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Botox: what to expectSo is it a dangerous toxin, the fountain of youth, or both? It is the world's worst-kept beauty secret. Is it time to talk?
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Getty ImagesClinic shoots laser into crotches to create thigh gapsPeople have always been willing to go to extremes to "fix" their flaws and now a new technique has... GettyWhy butt surgery is on the rise in AustraliaCurvy celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez appear to have inspired a spike... Thinkstock'Tuckshop arm' surgery up by 4000 percent in a decadeThe number of women getting arm lifts to get rid of so-called "tuckshop arms" has increased by 4000... 38KKK breasts could kill woman32-year-old Sheyla Hershey has spent $250,000 on over 20 breast enhancement operations in order to... Image: ThinkstockWould you change your eye colour with laser surgery?A doctor in the US is currently developing technology to remove the pigment from people's eyes in a... Watch Kim Kardashian get Botox!Get ready to cover your peepers. In a new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim... TV chef Gordon Ramsay admits to using fillersPump up the volume: injectable fillersWhen TV chef, Gordon Ramsay, announced to the world that he'd had fillers, it wouldn't seem there... Daryl Hannah frowns at plastic surgeryDespite her puffy cheeks, pumped-up lips and line-free face, 49-year-old American actress Daryl... Botox: you put it where?A popular cosmetic procedure is now being used to treat various debilitating medical problems.... The good-age guide to cosmetic surgeryThe anti-ageing mantra normally is that prevention as better than cure, but what about when it... The curious case of the afternoon napThe Mexicans love an afternoon siesta, as do Mediterraneans. But what impact does napping have... Breast enhancement booming in OzCosmetic surgery is loved by some and frowned upon by others. But no matter what your views on... Common questions about plastic surgeryWhat is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

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