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Removing a facial mole

Monday, September 20, 2010
"The surgical removal of any mole will result in a scar and the scar size will be proportionate to the size of the mole."


I have a large mole on the right-hand side of my face, on the very cornice of the nose; right at the point the nostril becomes part of the upper lip area. I have been told by two doctors that if I have plastic surgery to remove it that I may have some form of nerve damage and scarring that may mean I am still left with a facial deformity.

Is this a high-risk type of surgery in regards to the position of the mole to my nose? Also, how big a procedure is this?


The surgical removal of any mole will result in a scar and the scar size will be proportionate to the size of the mole. The location of the mole, say on an area where there is little laxity of looseness to the skin also means that closing the skin defect after the mole has been removed may be difficult.

The location on the nose does make this site difficult to close without distorting the nostril, it may be that if the defect is too large to close and a skin graft or moving nearby spare skin and tissue into the defect, what we call a local flap, may be needed.

All of these considerations will determine the final result, and different surgeons will have different opinions on the best solution. It is likely that a difficult problem like this may need a more complicated solution and may be a bigger procedure than you anticipate. The goal though remains the same, a better situation than you are in at the moment and any surgeon will have this as the priority.

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