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Tummy tuck on Medicare?

Monday, January 10, 2011
"There is provision in Medicare to have a tummy tuck performed for health reasons."


I'm a 28-year-old girl and desperately needing a tummy tuck after having twins. I'm a size six and work-out constantly but have not seen any results in my sagging excess skin on my stomach. Can Medicare help me?


There is provision in Medicare to have a tummy tuck performed for health reasons. The criteria need to be assessed by a plastic surgeon who works in the public hospital system and this is usually done though a plastic surgery outpatient clinic at your nearest teaching hospital. Your GP can usually arrange referral to the appropriate clinic for you.

After being assessed you will be notified as to whether you fit the criteria and the procedure will be able to be performed under Medicare. Remember though that the Medicare system is in place to provide health care to the community at no charge, not to provide elective procedures to patients and you may need to have this procedure performed in a private hospital.

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