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Dr Jeremy Hunt is a renowned plastic surgeon, appearing on shows such as Nine's Body Work. Having trained in Australia and the United States, he has been continually exposed to the latest advances in plastic surgery ASK ME A QUESTION


Laser blepharoplastyI am considering having lower laser blepharoplasty. Can you please tell me if this procedure is safe and also would I need laser resurfacing after it?
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Collagen v creamsI am starting to notice crow's-feet around my eyes. Can you explain the pros and cons of collagen... Safe treatment for a birthmarkI have a birthmark on my upper arm that I am embarrassed about and try to keep it covered up. Is... Eye surgery safetyIs it safe to have a cholesterol bump removed from my eyelid? I am scheduled in with a plastic... Pregnancy and breast enlargementI'm undergoing a breast enlargement next month to regain the fullness I have lost in that area in... Eyelid surgeryI am only 28 but I have hooded eyelids. They are starting to hang over my eyelashes now. However, I... Unhappy with results of rhinoplastyI underwent a closed rhinoplasty procedure six weeks ago. I had a medium-sized nose that I loved... How soon's to soon for follow-up rhinoplasty?I had a closed rhinoplasty six weeks ago to remove a hump on my nose, however no tip work was done.... Tummy tuck on Medicare?I'm a 28-year-old woman and desperately needing a tummy tuck after having twins. I'm a size six and... Is there a way to make me more masculine?I am a 20-year-old male and I have Crohn's disease. I have had the disease from the age of eight... Wrinkly décolletageI am a 43-year-old female and I'm healthy and active. I'm happy with my facial skin but have a very... Removing a facial moleI have a large mole on the right-hand side of my face, on the very cornice of the nose; right at... Breast reduction as a teenagerCan you have a breast reduction in a public hospital? My daughter is a 24G and she is only 19 years... Facial scar on three-year-oldMy three-year-old daughter had a bad accident three months ago and has a 5cm scar from the middle... Facial scarMy daughter had a car accident 10 months ago and has a terrible scar from her chin and around her... Silicone implants from the '70sI had silicone breast implants done in the '70s. They still look good but are quite firm which they... Clitoral reconstruction surgeryI'd like to know where, how and if I can get a clitoral reconstruction surgery. I am originally... Contour threadsWhat is involved in having contour threads put in and can they be removed if you are not happy with... Reinserting breast implantsI had breast implants removed about three years ago which were done under the muscles via the... The double bubbleWhat's the double bubble and why does it occur? Also, if corrected by surgery, will it be... Breast reduction to help resolve back problemsI'm only 19 years of age and already an F cup. I get massive muscle knots all the way from my lower...
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