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Sarah-Belle Murphy
Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you're usual ammunition to look and feel your most attractive is a bag full of make-up or figure-enhancing undies, you may want to add something more to your routine. Perfume. And we don't mean your run-of-the-mill scent, we're talking super-smart scents that are more feisty than simply floral. The latest and most talked about being the anti-ageing perfume Ageless Fantasy.

Created by American company Harvey Prince, the perfume supposedly makes its wearer appear at least eight years younger. Luckily it doesn't reek of Play Doh and lollies, but a blend of tropical flavours including pineapple, mango and leafy greens that are supposedly associated with "childhood memories, youth and joy".

This is the latest in the wave of such perfumes. Neuropeptide Synergy, which skincare guru Dr Nicholas Perricone claims will not only to make you appear younger, but feel it too. The aptly-named Smiley is designed to lift your spirits while Molecule 01, the manufacturers of which claim will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Sound unbelievable? Well according to Roja Dove, the world's foremost fragrance authority, cosmetic companies are merely cashing in on what perfumers have known for years — the scent operates in a way that bypasses the rational mind.

Studies have shown that scents do affect the perception of weight or age. Vanilla makes people seem heavier while citrus suggest lightless. Grapefruit is youthful while eucalyptus induced feelings of sympathy.

Want to find out more? Health has picked out the top four super scents:

Youth: Ageless Fantasy by Harvey Prince,
  • Claim: makes you appear eight years younger
  • Notes: top notes of grapefruit, apple and pomegranate, jasmine and cherry blossom, and best of all, vanilla and musk.
  • Reality: clever marketing, but fresh, airy scents will give a similar effect.
Intelligence: Neuropeptide Synergy by Dr Nicholas Perricone,
  • Claim: aids memory and clarity, relieves stress and wellbeing, and has an anti-ageing effect.
  • Notes: cinnamon and butterscotch.
  • Reality: Ancient Greeks and the Japanese have being using scents for optimum concentration, and certain scents have been scientifically proven to heighten alertness.
Happiness: Smiley by Kit,
  • Claim: an anti-depressant perfume, which contains micronutrients theobromine and phenylethylamine to lift your mood.
  • Notes: bergamot, patchouli and musk
  • Reality: scents can be effective in lifting our mood and perfumers have known this for centuries.
Sex appeal: Fleur Sauvage by Tsi-La,
  • Claim: the legend of tuberose is that its bewitching scent causes feelings of desire.
  • Notes: tuberose, jasmine, bergamot and neroli.
  • Reality: tuberose contains the "magical" molecule inole which has powerful aphrodisiac qualities.

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