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Antidepressants linked to premature births


Taking antidepressants during pregnancy could put women at a higher risk of giving birth prematurely, according to a new study review.

Scientists believe autism begins in the womb


For the first time, scientists have found evidence of autism developing long before birth in a discovery that could pave the way for earlier detection and help us better understand the condition.

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ThinkstockGaining too little pregnancy weight increases your chance of an obese child: studyIt's known that women with high BMIs or those who gain excessive weight gain during pregnancy are... ThinkstockBabies cry at night to stop parents trying for another child: expertBabies cry for a night-time feed to delay their mother's ovulation and prevent another baby that... ThinkstockAntidepressants linked to premature birthsTaking antidepressants during pregnancy could put women at a higher risk of giving birth... ThinkstockNew mums need to lose baby weight within one year: StudyIt's no secret that losing baby weight can be a challenge, but Canadian doctors are recommending... ThinkstockBottle fed babies are just as healthy as breastfed babies – and they're less likely to have asthma: studyWe're used to hearing "breast is best" for giving babies the best chance at a healthy life, but a... ThinkstockParacetamol in pregnancy could cause ADHD: studyPregnant women who take paracetamol may be putting their children at risk of developing attention...


Healthy pregnancies can vary by five weeks: studyDoctors have long been aware that pregnancy length can vary dramatically even when a baby is not premature, but have always put it down to poor conception date calculations.

Expert Advice

Pregnant women should avoid canned food and plastic containers: studyEating food from cans and heating food in plastic containers, as well as handling receipts, increase pregnant women's chance of miscarriage by 80 percent, according to US scientists.

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Call me granny, not nanny!While many women adore spending time with their grandchildren, some are ending up doing more than they signed up for. New mums need to lose baby weight within one year: Study 'Being present' key to happiness Due date calculator

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