Does your child has an infection?It's often hard to decide when you should worry about an infection in your child. A good rule is that if the child is playing normally and has a good appetite, they are unlikely to have a significant illness.
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ThinkstockGaining too little pregnancy weight increases your chance of an obese child: studyIt's known that women with high BMIs or those who gain excessive weight gain during pregnancy are... ThinkstockBabies cry at night to stop parents trying for another child: expertBabies cry for a night-time feed to delay their mother's ovulation and prevent another baby that... ThinkstockAntidepressants linked to premature birthsTaking antidepressants during pregnancy could put women at a higher risk of giving birth... ThinkstockNew mums need to lose baby weight within one year: StudyIt's no secret that losing baby weight can be a challenge, but Canadian doctors are recommending... ThinkstockBottle fed babies are just as healthy as breastfed babies – and they're less likely to have asthma: studyWe're used to hearing "breast is best" for giving babies the best chance at a healthy life, but a... You're a better parent than you think, mumRaising a child is hard, and nobody is a harsher judge of a mother's performance than is the mum... ThinkstockDonor breast milk often contaminated with bacteria: studyWomen who turn to online "milk banks" to buy or receive donated milk from mothers with an... Breastfeeding doll sparks controversyA breastfeeding doll targeted at two-year-olds has provoked a backlash from mums claiming it is an... Expressive baby's emotional videoA proud dad dedicated to documenting his son Oliver's every emotion has managed to capture just... Myra Nunez's baby Mattie: in the womb and at six weeksUltrasound predicts future behaviour in uncanny imagesThe way a foetus moves in the womb can predict how active the baby will be in the first few years... Three-year-old beauty queen calls rival a 'hooker'Creating more controversy, Toddlers and Tiaras "star" Barrett trashed her rival... 'Pippa' tops the list of popular baby names"Her Royal Hotness's" backside has inspired its own Facebook appreciation group, and now her name... The Spice GirlsEmma Bunton and Victoria Beckham 'swap baby tips all the time'Ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, has revealed to the UK's Hello! magazine that she... Christmas shopping with kids — saving mum and dad's sanityWith Christmas and the New Year sales fast approaching, there's no avoiding the shops. But if you... How to bounce back before babyPregnancy zaps energy and can leave many mums-to-be struggling to make it through the day. While... BreastfeedingI am breastfeeding my 16 month old daughter. She does eat everything else, I just don't feel the... Smiley babies give mother natural highNew research from the US suggests seeing your own baby smile activates pleasure receptors in the... A mother's criticism may discourage dads from baby careMums who nag and critique their partner's childcare skills might be doing themselves an injustice;... More kids, more dental problemsUS researchers find some truth in the old German folk saying "every child costs the mother one... How to be a happier mumBeing a mother to a child under three is rewarding, but it can also be a real strain. Here are some...
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