Expressive baby's emotional video

Emily Crane
Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A proud dad dedicated to documenting his son Oliver's every emotion has managed to capture just that in a one minute video.

Three-month-old Oliver Reese Bushon, nicknamed The Orb, is the unwitting subject of a Twitter account, Facebook page and YouTube channel — and his latest offering has gone viral with over one million hits.

Brian Bushon left his job when Oliver was born and intends to raise his son with a camera firmly fixed on his every move.

The Californian dad has so far posted 31 home videos to the YouTube channel ForTheOrb.

"I want to stay home with him until he goes to school. I'll be taking videos pretty much for his whole life I think. At least until he doesn't let me film anymore," Mr Bushon told ninemsn.

The video that has captured viewers most shows Oliver in his waking moments, experiencing a wave of emotion.

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"The Orb wakes up testing all the emotions he knows. Some great facial expressions," Mr Bushon wrote in the video's description.

Other videos include The Orb getting immunisations and bumping his head.

"I have no videos of me as a kid and I didn't want my son to have the same problem. The best things humans have are their memories," he said.

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