Weird ways to enhance your fertility

Monday, July 14, 2008
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If you're willing to try anything to get pregnant, you might want to give these bizarre rituals a try.

We know there are lots of medical and natural ways to boost fertility, but rubbing a statue or buying a spell can't hurt, can it? Of course, there is no medical evidence supporting these wacky ideas — it's all just a bit of fun.

Fertility statues
Most ancient civilisations had a statue or god they prayed to when they wanted to conceive. One of the most famous is the Akua'ba statue in southern Ghana, Africa. Tradition has it that if a woman rubs the belly of this sculpture of a mother holding a child, she'll soon be pregnant.

In Orlando, Florida, USA, the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum houses two totems that were imported from the Baule tribe in Africa's Ivory Coast. In less than a year, eight out of 20 staff members claimed they became parents after touching the statue's heads. Last year, 4000 women flocked there to do the same with the hope of falling pregnant.

If you're off to the UK, visit the Cerne Abbas site in Dorset and you'll see a giant Iron Age man carved into the chalk hillside. It's thought he was a pagan symbol of fertility and hundreds of would-be mums pay homage to him every year.

Feng shui
You may have used the ancient Chinese art of feng shui to decorate your house but some people claim it can also boost your reproductive skills. How? You should never clean under your bed while trying to fall pregnant but you should keep the area free of clutter — so the dust bunnies can stay, but those old magazines can't!

You should also make sure there's nothing blocking your front door from the inside or out; this includes parking your car outside your front door in the street as it blocks your flow of reproductive energy.

Underwear tossing
Do like the Yansi people of Africa's Congo region and toss your underwear onto the roof of your house when there's a waning moon. To fall pregnant, you can only retrieve your underpants when there's a new moon.

Miracle chair
In Naples, Italy, pilgrims wait their turn to sit in the "miracle chair" in an old three-bedroom apartment. The seat was once owned by St Maria Francesca of the Five Wounds of Jesus, who claimed that she once saw a statue of baby Jesus open his arms when she was sitting in the chair. Now thousands of women queue for hours to be blessed while sitting in the chair and the walls are full of pictures of babies born after their mums made the journey.

Although there's no scientific evidence to support the idea that getting a massage can help you conceive, it can lower your stress levels, which can improve fertility. You can also give yourself a gentle groin massage, which is meant to stimulate your lymph nodes and boost blood flow in the area. Lie down and massage the insides of your thighs as far down as you can reach without curling up; then, with a soft and feathery touch, use all your fingers to sweep-massage around your pelvis.

Cast a spell
There's a thriving industry in fertility spells and plenty of women who swear by them. Just search for "fertility spells" on the Internet and you'll find a list of sites offering to help you cast a spell to make a baby. At the time of writing, couples could also bid on eBay to receive step-by-step instructions on how to make their own spell.

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