How to have baby-making sex

Monday, July 14, 2008
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You don't have to be a gymnast or know any fancy yoga poses, but there are ways you can help the sperm get to its final destination: the egg.

You have the timing right, you're in the mood and you finally get around to doing the business. So what's the best way to make love in order to get pregnant? Should you be up against a wall or in the missionary position? While it's possible to get pregnant in any position, there are certain ways that make it a little more likely.

Let gravity do the hard work
Making sure the sperm are as close as possible to your cervix (the neck of your uterus) is vital for egg fertilisation. Getting sperm to swim up your fallopian tubes is the key, so help them by letting gravity do some of the work, either by lifting your bottom and legs up in the air or leaning them against the wall. You could also try lying on your back in the missionary position with a pillow underneath your hips to give you an extra lift.

Be a missionary
It might seem like the boring way to get intimate, but the missionary position, with all that deep penetration close to your cervix, is going to give your partner's sperm a little extra help in their swim for the egg.

Stay in bed
Don't leap out of bed and go straight to an aerobics class after sex: if you want to get pregnant, stay put. Lie on your side and draw your knees into your stomach. Get your partner to bring you tea and croissants in bed and don't forget to take a pre-pregnancy folic acid tablet with some orange juice. Stick a pillow under your hips, put your feet against the headboard and relax for a while. Try to visualise your body making a miracle.

Have an orgasm
As well as bringing a smile to your face, good sex makes babies! It's official: a post-coital study of women found that those who had orgasms and enjoyed sex retained more sperm than those who didn't. It's all to do with the muscular contractions you experience during an orgasm, which suck up more sperm.

Do your pelvic floor exercises
Strong pelvic floor muscles are good for women, they're good for him and they're good for making babies! Well, we don't know for sure, but a few pulls in and up after sex can't do any harm, can it?

Staying behind
Doing it doggy-style is guaranteed to get your partner's sperm close to that all-important organ, the cervix. Want another position for deep penetration? Lie side by side as you have intercourse.

Don't be on top
Get off him! You don't want to be on top at the end of the action, as all his sperm may come rushing back down again. By all means, do it this way before he comes, but when you know it's getting serious, swap positions!

Don't rush
Enjoy the moment. After ejaculation, ensure your partner stays inside for a few minutes before withdrawing slowly.

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