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Brett McCann: sexologist

Brett McCann specialises in male sexual difficulties and has over 20 years experience in human sexuality counselling. Brett is the CEO of Impotence Australia and also co-authored Too fast? Learn to last longer. in 2009. ASK ME A QUESTION QUESTION


Men think about sex 5000 times a yearMen's minds turn to sex almost 5000 times a year says a new study — but they're only doing the deed 104 times in the same time period.
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Prostate massage — what exactly is it?I've heard some things about the benefits of prostate massage and would like to try it to help... Teenager addicted to pornographyI am a 16 year old male and I am addicted to pornography. I have been a frequent user of... All take, no giveMy girlfriend seems to only want to take what I am willing to give to her but when it's all over... Sexually frustratedMy wife and I have been together for about five to six years. I have a very strong sex drive, and... Penis sizeI have a four-inch penis and I just wanted to know if this is normal and if I can have a normal sex... Sex and porn in a relationshipI've been with my girlfriend for nearly three years and If I'm not getting sex I want to masturbate... Am I doing 'it' wrong?My wife will often touch herself as we make love and it seems that is really the cause for her... Best position for anal sexI would like to try anal sex (with a woman) but am just wondering which position would be the best... Oral sex with my wifeI am writing to find out if there is any way to encourage my wife to improve our oral sex regime.... Unable to climax consistentlyI have a high sex drive and so does my girlfriend. I can usually climax very easy if it's been a... Difficulty maintaining an erectionIn the last few months I've been losing my erection during sex after about 10 or 15 minutes. At the... Wife's total lack of sex driveWe have been married for 37 years. For the last 22 years there has been no interest by my wife in a... Partner is reluctant to touch meMy partner and I have been together 10 years. We enjoy sex regularly, but it has always been very... Premature ejaculationI'm a young guy and have had a few sexual partners, but I seem to have the same problem with them... Masturbation and pornographyWhat can you tell me about masturbation and porn? It is a concern of my wife. She does not like the... Tight foreskinMy husband is 68 and recently he has had a problem with not being able to move his foreskin over... Lack of sex driveMy boyfriend and I have been together for two years. In that time, I would say we have had sex five... Regaining trust after infidelityI have been with my fiancée for almost two years now. We had been together just over a year... It's a lonely lifeMy wife and I have two great boys, three and five years of age. We love them very much and all of... Sexual inexperienceI am 30 years old and got married recently. My wife is a virgin and I have very little sexual...

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