Eating plan: winter health

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Be active on a budget

When the weather gets cooler, life tends to move inside, underneath the doona and onto the couch. We use the cold weather to justify our physical inactivity and illogically think we need more food to fuel lower levels of activity, but these behaviours make shape management extremely difficult.

This winter, eat well by following our tasty winter meal plan. The meal plan includes soups and salads to help manage those hunger pangs, as research shows when eaten as an entrée, soups and salads decrease hunger, increase feelings of fullness and reduce kilojoule intake at the next meal.

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Breakfast 1 cup of porridge topped with 100g low-fat yoghurt & 1tsp honey 1 cup of untoasted muesli topped with 125ml skim milk & 50g berries

2 slices of sourdough with 50g reduced-fat ricotta & 2 tbsp raspberry jam

125ml glass of orange juice

1 cup of porridge topped with 100g low-fat yoghurt & 1tsp honey 1 cup of untoasted muesli topped with 125ml skim milk & 1 chopped banana 3/4 cup untoasted muesli topped with 100g low-fat yoghurt, banana & 125ml skim milk 2 poached eggs on Turkish bread with grilled tomato & roasted mushrooms
Morning Tea 200g Fruit salad 200g tub low-fat fruit yoghurt Regular skinny latte 10 x rice crackers 1 slice of raisin toast with 1 tsp reduced-fat table spread 1 cup air-popped popcorn Handful of unsalted nuts
Lunch Chicken (50g), avocado (1/4) and salad roll on wholegrain bread Lentil (1/4 cup) salad with 4 slicesbeetroot, rocket (1/4 cup), marinated capsicum (50g), cherry tomatoes & reduced-fat feta (50g) with a wholemeal dinner roll

2 x 100g sushi rolls with smoked salmon & avocado

200g of low-fat fruit yoghurt

Wholemeal pita with 2 falafel balls, 80g tabouli, 2 tbsp light hommous & 1/4 cup of reduced-fat cheese 1 small can tuna, 1/4 avocado, tomato, cucumber & spinach on lavash bread 400ml minestrone soup with two slices of toast Toasted ham, 1 slice of reduced-fat cheese & tomato on rye bread served with a side salad
Afternoon Tea 30g unsalted almonds Cup of vegetable soup (250ml) 50g Carrot & celery sticks with 50g light hommous dip

200g tub low-fat fruit yoghurt

30g nuts and dried fruit 2 x rye crispbreads with 1 slice of reduced-fat cheese 250ml low-fat fruit smoothie (made with low fat yoghurt and skim milk)
Dinner Beef fillet (100g cooked) with 1 cup of mashed potato & 2 cups steamed vegetables Grilled salmon (100g) with 1 cup dill risotto & steamed vegetables

60g cooked Chicken

pasta (1 cup cooked) with tomato-based sauce served with a side salad

Lentil & vegetable curry served with 1 cup cooked brown rice

Oven-baked parmesan chicken (100g cooked, 2 small roasted potatoes & 2 cups vegetables

Quiche Lorraine (120g) with side salad

Glass of white wine (150ml)

Beef (100g) and vegetable stir-fry with hokkein noodles (1 cup cooked)

200g tub of low-fat fruit yoghurt

2/3 cup of Special K with Chocolatey Flakes

200g Fruit salad with 1 scoop of low-fat ice cream

20g good quality dark chocolate

20g good quality dark chocolate

Piece of fruit

200g Fruit with 200g tub of low-fat vanilla yoghurt


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