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Ask an expert: How to find your winter workout motivation

Ask an expert: How to find your winter workout motivation

While science tells us that exercise is a great way to prevent winter illnesses, a warm doona and the snooze button within arm's reach can make getting up to work out seem like an impossible task

Music motivation

Does music have a motivational effect on athletic performance?
Feature article about:Music Motivation Psychology

Finding time to exercise

I want to lose some weight but I've found I don't have the time to go to the gym anymore and I just feel too tired to exercise. How can I get the energy to...
Feature article about:fitness Motivation Time
Motivation rules

Motivation rules

There's plenty written about various techniques of motivating yourself into eating well and performing physical activity on a regular basis, and particularly...
Feature article about:Energy Motivation
Excuses and solutions for weight loss

Excuses and solutions for weight loss

Learn to love healthy living with answers to eight common excuses.

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